Court documents: Drugs possible motive in Missoula shooting

Posted at 11:20 AM, Jun 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-29 13:20:49-04

MISSOULA – New details on the shooting that took place behind Sentinel High School on Sunday are emerging from court documents.

According to those documents, the two victims met the shooter, Dylan Conat, 17, while walking from Southgate Mall towards Sentinel High School.

One of the victims said that Conat offered to sell him drugs while walking and the other victim says that Conat asked him if he knew where Conat could find some “molly.”

The three teenagers made it to Sentinel High School where a fight ensued between the two victims and Conat. 

One of the victims says that the fight started when Conat asked if he could find him “molly.” When the victim refused he said Conat reached for a gun. The victim says that he punched Conat in the face and the second victim joined in.

Conat was able to grab his firearm at some point during the altercation and fired four rounds striking both of the victims. The victim who punched Conat initially was able to gain control of the firearm after the other victim put Conat into a choke hold.

Conat ran off after being released from the choke hold and the victims tossed the firearm into a bush, which police were able to retrieve.  Conat then made contact with another juvenile after the shooting who is referred to as "juvenile 3" in court documents.

Juvenile 3 says that Conat told him about his involvement in the incident and that he had stolen the firearm from a vehicle in Lolo. Juvenile 3 and another juvenile, who police spoke to, indicated that Conat might try to flee the state of Montana.

Both victims were shown a photo lineup that included Conat and were able to select him as the assailant. Conat is still currently on the loose and both victims are still in the hospital.

He is described as a white male who is 5′ 8" tall with black hair and a slim build. Missoula police say they decided not to release a photo of Conat because he does not have any significant distinguishing features and "we are concerned we will receive multiple false reports from the public," according to a news release.

Conat may be armed and dangerous. Anyone with any other information about his location is asked to contact the Missoula Police Department (406) 552-6300. Anyone who sees Conat should not approach him and instead call 9-1-1. 

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