Flathead Co. fire managers offer firework safety tips

Posted at 11:03 AM, Jul 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-04 13:03:58-04

KALISPELL – Flathead County limits fireworks but some are allowed.

Fire managers have a few safety tips they hope will reduce injuries or fire start-ups if you’re planning to set off fireworks.

Flathead fire managers say sometimes fireworks start wildfires or homes on fire and say first of all to make sure you don’t light fireworks in anything flammable. 

Fireworks can explode in your hand so pay attention to your personal safety.

If you’re lighting fireworks off make sure it’s on pavement or sand in case the firework tips over.  If it does tip over make sure to have a bucket of water or sand handy so you’re able to put it out quickly.

Flathead National Forest Fire Management Officer Rick Connell says while the area is still pretty green fireworks can’t still start fires.

“Fireworks that shoot up in the air and shoot long distances you’re out of control where that ends up landing,” said Connell. "It could end up in something that is flammable which could be somebody’s house, shed, whatever they’ve got that flammable.”

Connell says the safest option is to attend a public fireworks display. Public firework displays are happening around the Flathead Valley after dusk over Whitefish, Flathead, and Seeley lakes.

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