Energy audits turnout to not be Missoula scammers after all

Posted at 4:18 PM, Jul 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 18:18:14-04

MISSOULA – MTN News recently reported on a possible energy audit scam taking place in Missoula.

But it turns out it wasn’t a scam at all.  Instead, it a company called Homewise who goes door to door in an attempt to create a cleaner environment while improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Homewise is a team of energy consultants who provide free energy audits of peoples homes to see if there is any chance of improving insulation or other energy inefficiencies in older homes.

The company has attempted to contact Missoula Aging Services who had a press release identifying them as a scam. That release has caused some issues for the company and they say that if you have the opportunity to talk to one of their team members you should give them a chance.

"If someones at your door it is worth listening to them for three to five minutes because your house could qualify for quite a bit of funding.  If you really don’t want them there just tell them I’ll tell them I’ll put that in the meeting today that if someone says a hard no go to the next house," Homewise assistant manager Josh Hojem said.

"It’s also hard to balance. Everyone that’s on this team is passionate about climate control and about energy efficiency and so the main motivator is to help homes," he added.

The company also says that another problem for them is differentiating them from NorthWestern Energy employs. They say that while the utility also does do energy audits they do not direct you to grant money that can help you pay for some of the costs of re-insulating your home.