Protesters greet President Trump’s Great Falls visit

Posted at 9:06 AM, Jul 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-06 11:06:33-04

GREAT FALLS – Some of the Montanans who made their trip to Great Falls for President Donald Trump’s rally on Thursday were there to be critical, not supportive. 

A protest area was set up for people who wanted to show opposition during President Trump’s visit at Montana ExpoPark.

“No hate in our state! No hate in our state!” protesters chanted, sang and carried signs.

Many expressed concern with what they called “hateful rhetoric” from President Trump while others showed support for Senator Jon Tester’s re-election. Several hundred people were taking part at the height of the day.

There were some heated words exchanged with Trump supporters, especially as people left the rally but some protesters said they took the opportunity to have civil discussions with people they disagreed with.

“Absolutely, there’s a lot of gray area here, it’s not just black and white, but it’s interesting to engage these people from the other side, so to speak," protestor Jessie Schulz said.

“I think overall it’s been a very great opportunity for freedom of speech, civil dialogue. That one thing, I would say this is a success," protest organizer Laura Wright said.

Law enforcement said overall, they’re very pleased with how smoothly the event went. Thousands of people stood in line for hours to get into the Four Seasons Arena ahead of Trump’s rally in Great Falls.

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