Floaters should be aware of above-average river flow

Posted at 3:49 PM, Jul 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-11 17:49:17-04

MISSOULA – After over two months of exceptionally high flow in western Montana rivers, floaters are finally feeling more comfortable about getting out on the water.

“River levels have dropped to manageable. We are certainly higher than average for this time of year, but that being said, that crazy-high water that we had earlier has very much subsided,” says Trailhead Store Manager Brandon Salayi.

He says if you are planning on heading out on the river, it’s a good idea to go somewhere you are comfortable with, especially over the next couple of weeks when river flow is still above-normal.

He adds that it would be wise to check with an experienced floater if you’re heading somewhere new. 

“Wood has moved, things have moved, river channels may be different. Just know before you go. If you haven’t been out at all this year just maybe go somewhere you are really familiar with.”

Salayi adds that it’s pretty simple to access information on area river levels in specific locations before you head out.

“You know, on-line is kind of the best resource, the USGS Gauge sites. It’s really easy, you literally just type in Blackfoot River flow, and it will essentially steer you to the USGS website.”

As warm and dry days continue to wear river flow down in weeks ahead, Salayi reminds everyone to not slack off on safety and make sure every person on the water is wearing a personal floatation device.