Power lines damaged by Missoula flooding being repaired

Posted at 7:11 PM, Jul 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-22 21:11:04-04

MISSOULA – NorthWestern Energy crews will begin work to repair power lines damaged by flooding west of Missoula on Monday.

The project will take place along Tower Street, from Third Street North to the parking lot at the north end of the street. The work is expected to take three weeks, with crews working 10-to-12 hour days.

"NorthWestern will stage trucks and other equipment along Tower Street during the course of the project. We will work to minimize the impact on local residents as this necessary work takes place.

The city park area on Tower Street has been closed to the public since the flooding began in June. That closure will remain in effect until the repair work is complete.

Crews from the City of Missoula will begin doing an assessment of possible damage to trees and trails during the period the power-line project is taking place. No date for the re-opening of the area has been determined.

The project will temporarily replace two large transmission line structures that support a 161-kilivolt transmission line that passes through the area. More extensive work to fully restore the line could take place in the future.

The flood-damaged line did not lead to any power outages for NorthWestern Energy customers and the repair work is not expected to affect electric service.