Ravalli County students, parents learn about brain injuries

Posted at 6:52 AM, Aug 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-22 09:19:40-04

HAMILTON – Bitterroot Valley students lined up on Thursday in Hamilton to get cleared to play fall school sports.

The Brain Injury Alliance of Montana is touring the state with a display to unmask some of the unknowns surrounding brain trauma. Uncovering the experience of brain injury survivors creates a space for everyone to learn about how to recognize a trauma that never looks the same twice.

“There can be short-term issues that have to be dealt with — or there could be long-term, for the rest of somebody’s life. Its just very important to be able to get that proper treatment and recovery that somebody needs,” said Brian Injury Alliance of Montana executive director John Bigart.

He added that prevention is key and emphasized the importance of playing and recreating safely — including wearing helmets and seat belts.

Family nurse practitioner Corrie Shanahan told MTN News that student-athletes with concussions frequent Marcus Daly hospital during the school year.

“Kids ya know, you’re invincible, until you’re not. Being able to focus on the brain as much of an injury as spraining the leg or getting a fracture, the brain is just something that does not heal the same way and repetitive injury can be extremely dangerous,” she said.

Three-sport athlete Garrett Brown says he makes it a priority to pay attention to the signs of a concussion, "it’s better to be well informed so, as much osmosis as you can get from doing stuff like this, is important for an athlete and to be informed about your own well being."

There are three displays traveling around the state to promote awareness of brain injuries and the one at the Marcus Daly Rehabilitation Center will be there for the next two weeks.