Recovering mothers, women can keep kids at new addiction center

Posted at 10:08 PM, Aug 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-10 00:08:37-04

MISSOULA–A new resource for mother’s and all women recovering from addiction is coming to Missoula next week, and their looking for applicants to fill 16 new beds.

Montana is seeing ever increasing rates of children living in foster care because their parents are abusing drugs or alcohol, according to dept. of public health and human services statistics.

The Union Gospel Mission Women and Children’s Center is launching a new program to help mom’s recover by keeping their kids with them during the process. This is something close to one mother’s heart.

“I wish I could have recovered with my children rather than being separated from them while I recovered. That’s why my heart is in this, is to keep families together because its so hard to try to recover without your child, and that’s just how it is because there aren’t many options for families to stay together while they recover,” said DeNae Hammonds, a recovered addict and the center’s director.

Its designed to transform lives in 12 months or less, and launch women into society ready to stand on their own two feet.  

One of the tenants of the program is to help women be economically successful after they leave, and they are doing that by putting on classes to help women do well on the GED test.

Women in the program will be supported by mom’s who are no stranger to their situation.

Sabrina Ketron was homeless, living with her kids in her car before completing a a UGM recovery program.

“The routine and the schedule is big, and just knowing that you are loved here. I mean, there’s love..I knew..I was scared when I first came out here, but within a couple days I knew I was taken care of and everyone loved me, nobody was judging me, they understood…they had sympathy and empathy,” she said.

She says women will find sympathy, empathy and support. There is also six months of after care.

“I think its even off the chart, because its a maternal instinct that you deal with, that is saying, I’m not good enough, I lost my kids. But to say that, you are gonna have some grace and love and forgiveness and hope instilled in you, and hey, we’re gonna keep your family together…priceless,” said Don Evans, UGM director.

Recovering from addiction is challenging. Staff say they hope that this new facility will give women the tools and the place that they need to feel safe and be successful.

There will be a ribbon cutting August 20. The center is wrapping up renovations on the facility and looking for donations and volunteers. If you have questions or want to apply, we have information about how to do that on our website, call 406-549-HOPE or check out their website.