Missoula celebrates 13th annual River City Roots Festival

Posted at 9:56 PM, Aug 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-26 23:56:46-04

MISSOULA – Late August means it’s time to dance in the streets of Missoula at the annual River City Roots Festival.

The 13th annual event festival featured booths of all kinds of art, a public pottery wheel, food trucks, beer and information about Missoula and organizers say it’s a way to welcome weary travelers and new students to town.

"This is the signature celebration of the city we love,  And it’s the opportunity to welcome back University of Montana student to school and welcome our new students and their families as they move into their dorms," Downtown Missoula Partnership Executive Director Linda McCarthy said.

University of Montana student Chisato Horumichi told MTN News that the festival was a way to experience Missoula for the first time, [it’s] great because I don’t think the Japanese have this kind of festival a lot…yeah! I love here. People are kind and [the] nature is so beautiful.

Aside from students, each day began with music geared towards the kids. "We love playing music for kids that’s upbeat and fun and inspiring and yeah! It’s for the kids well, and we like to rock — we definitely like to rock," Heather Hunt of the Salamanders said.

The festival finished up Saturday night with a performance from the Grammy award winning bluegrass band The Infamous Stringdusters.