Upper class men provide perspective to UM new comers

Posted at 7:50 AM, Aug 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-27 09:50:46-04

MISSOULA – Some University of Montana students prepped for the upcoming school year with around 1,000 new faces on campus completing their freshman orientation.

A fresh crop of UM students have been busy checking out campus last week, all in anticipation of Monday’s first day of classes on Monday in Missoula.

Matters of business were taken care of, like getting Griz cards and registering for class but UM also hosted some events to break the ice between new students.

“And there’s a little fun mixed in too. We had a great feast on the Oval earlier this week, we have a luau coming up as part of our Griz welcome for students," said University of Montana Communications Director Paula Short.

Student groups also pitched their booths near the Oval to reach out to the newbies.

“For people who are really interested in Christianity, and asking those questions…they find their fit here. I know when I was a freshman, I was really glad to find this group and to know that I had a place," said Alec Managhan a UM senior who’s majoring in Business Management.

One senior we talked too said that the last few years of budget cuts have been unsettling but she’s encouraging others to help make UM a better place.  

“It has been really interesting to watch the university over the last several years, particularly from the student government side. As a freshman, I wasn’t really involved in anything like that, and I had no idea what was going on and that was terrifying," Brenna Love said.

"After getting involved with ASUM, I learned a lot and was able to interact with administrators and faculty members who were making the decisions and be a part of making the decisions," she added.

UM communications staff say the incoming freshman class is showing fairly stable numbers at this point with an estimated 1,400 students. Exact enrollment numbers will be announced in a few weeks.