More than a dozen horses found dead near Wolf Point

Posted at 9:46 AM, Aug 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-29 11:46:58-04

WOLF POINT- Several agencies are investigating after more than a dozen dead horses were found on Fort Peck Tribal lands north of Wolf Point.

Fort Peck Fish & Game called the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office after they found the dead horses on Highway 13. They also found a pond near where the horses’ bodies were, but it had dried up.

Fort Peck Tribal Councilman Jestin Dupree said in a Facebook post: “What was discovered was 9 mares and 5 colts all found dead with no water source anywhere. The Fort Peck Tribes Fish and Game Department along with the Roosevelt County Sheriff and myself went out to look at what was done to these horses. This is embarrassing and no animal should be treated like this.”

There is no word how long the horses have been there or who left them.

Dupree continued: “The land is tribal land is owned by a tribal member and it was reported that a non-tribal member was seen unloading horses in this area earlier this summer.”

Authorities have not yet determined how the horses died. Possibilities include neglect, which could result in criminal charges, or a lightning strike.

The sheriff’s office brought a veterinarian from Glasgow to examine the horses to determine how the horses died. The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office, Fort Peck Fish & Game, and Bureau of Indian Affairs are continuing to investigate the deaths.