Domino’s grants Havre $5,000 to repair potholes

Posted at 9:01 PM, Sep 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-02 23:01:40-04

The pizza chain Domino’s will provide Havre with $5,000 to repair its potholes.

According to the Havre Herald, Domino’s, which has a store in Havre, asked its customers earlier this summer to nominate on social media communities where they delivered pizzas that could use help in getting potholes repaired.

A total of 137,000 people nominated 15,275 different zip codes in 50 states. Apparently, 59501 got lots of nominations as it was one of 10 winners.

There was activity on some local Facebook sites asking people to nominate Havre.

Domino’s has announced the 10 winners but said the program was so successful, they have extended it to give a grant to one city in every state.

Dave Peterson, Havre’s public works director, said the city has some paperwork to fill out, but he hopes to get the $5,000 this fall so it can be put to work right away.

“It’s a good deal for the city. We have a lot of potholes to fill before the winter sets in,” he said. “It’s good that people took the time to vote for Havre.”

The Havre Herald wrote that potholes have been a constant complaint of Havre drivers, but twice voters have turned down multi-million proposals aimed at solving the problem.

Work in the first city to obtain a grant, Wilkes Barre, Pa., began this week. Others on the first list of 10 include Fitchburg, Mass., Des Moines, Iowa, New Orleans, Kinston, N.C.; Milwaukee, Hamtramck, Mich., Jackson, Miss., Marion, Texas; and Grand Forks, N.D.

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