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Missoula’s ZACC getting ready to move downtown

Posted at 5:37 PM, Nov 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-08 19:40:58-05

MISSOULA – The Zootown Arts Community Center is preparing to move into a historic building in downtown Missoula.

The ZACC has been at its current location for 10 years and provides a learning space for people of all ages interested in the arts.

Now the ZACC looks to move into a bigger building to offer the community even in more art education.

ZACC has been located in Missoula’s north side for 10 years, and now with the help of community input they have found a new home.

“We’ve surveyed the community, we have looked all over town and looked at a lot of different places and finally landed on a place where, I think, is going to be perfect for us to grow our programs and have the space that we need to thrive,” said ZACC Executive Director Kia Liszak.

The ZACC is currently in an odd location and a move to the old Studebaker building downtown should make it a little more accessible.

“We really want to have a more accessible location so easier to get to so being close to the bus line being close to the transport station is going to be huge for us,” Liszak said. “We always want a more accessible location in terms of ADA accessibility.  We don’t own this building that we are in so we are kind of limited to as to what we can do to sort of transform it.”

The move is also to a larger building, which will allow more classes and bigger class sizes to be available.

“So what we will be able to do is we will be able to have more space in our classes because we are limited right now to just the size of the rooms that we have.  So having larger classrooms and bigger spaces will allow us to offer more youth into our classes more adults into our classes have more classes going on at once.”

Now all they have to is move everything to their new downtown location.

“So the idea of moving is a little daunting, you know. How are we going to make that happen? So we are kind of taking it as it comes right now. We are fundraising for the rest of the money that it will take to renovate the building, and so we are looking at a timeline. We are hoping that we can be moved over by the summer.”

The ZACC has already raised $1.9 million for the move but is hoping to have the total up to $4.25 million to cover renovation costs to the new building and all the moving expenses.

ZACC is kicking off their public phase of their capital campaign Thursday evening at Missoula’s Goodworks Ventures. You can come down to review the new plans or contribute some cash to help the ZACC get closer to its goal.