Remembering the victims of California mass shooting

Posted at 8:57 AM, Nov 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-09 11:07:01-05

THOUSAND OAKS, CA – Montana Governor Steve Bullock is ordering flags at half-staff in honor of the 12 victims of the massacre in northern California.

Neighbors say the gunman, who apparently took his own life as police moved in, had loud and aggressive fights at home with his mother.

Among the victims in this week’s shooting rampage was Tel Orfanos, one of several at the bar who was also at the Las Vegas shooting, where 58 people died.

“He didn’t come home last night. I don’t want prayers, Idon’t want thoughts, I want gun control and I hope to God nobody else sends me more prayers,” said Tel’s mother Susan Orfanos.

Sheriff Sergeant Ron Helus — who was also killed — is being hailed as a hero. Among the first to respond, he rushed into the Borderline Bar and confronted the gunman.

“He went in there to save people and made the ultimate sacrifice,” Sheriff Geoff Dean said”

Scores of people lined the road on Thursday during a somber procession while hundreds of others showed up to give blood.

“I am doing this for the deputy’s wife that passed. And my cousin was there and she survived,” blood donor Niki Metz said.

Police say almost 200 people were inside the bar when 28-year-old Ian Long opened fire. Survivors used barstools to break windows and escape.

During a vigil in Thousand Oaks, the mayor said they are a quote ‘hurting city’ and will rely on unity and hope to move forward.

Jason Coffman says his 22-year-old son Cody was planning to join the military. “Only him and I know how much I love and miss [him]. Oh, God, this is so hard. Oh, son, I love you so much.”

Investigators are still searching for a motive. Police say Long, the alleged shooter, was a former Marine.

FBI data suggests that Thousand Oaks is the third-safest city in America.

-Chris Martinez reporting for CBS News