Stevensville School District sends out bond survey

Posted at 5:37 PM, Jan 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-28 12:46:08-05

STEVENSVILLE – The Stevensville School District is asking voters for input on bond options during the upcoming Spring election.

The school district sent an informational survey to households last week and is reminding people that Monday is the deadline to return the survey.

“We ask that voters take time to read the important information mailed last week, because your responses will guide the School Board in our decisions about which projects to include in the bond this spring,”  School Board Chairman Greg Trangmoe stated.

The survey is being compiled by an independent research firm and will help the District determine which projects to include in the upcoming bond.

“A local independent market research firm is compiling the survey results for us, so all comments will be kept strictly confidential, and reported in summary with the comments of other survey respondents,” Superintendent Bob Moore said.

“Please be candid—we need to know your priorities and opinions related to the future of our Stevensville Public Schools,” he added.

The District completed a 20-year Facilities Master Plan in 2016 with plans to add new classrooms, upgrade technology and energy efficiency, and improve building access and security.

The District completed a 20-year Facilities Master Plan in 2016. The District’s objectives are to:

  • Add new classrooms and modernize space in response to higher enrollment
  • Enhance building energy efficiency to lower costs
  • Upgrade older facilities to meet current building codes and technology needs
  • Improve building access, parking, flow, and entrance security
  • Construct a new Industrial Trades & Technology and Ag Sciences facility to better respond to workforce needs of local businesses
  • Improve athletic facilities to regulation standards, including access and parking, to enable Stevensville to host playoffs and tournaments