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Demolition of Willard Alternative High School underway

Posted at 7:43 AM, Jun 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-18 09:44:05-04

MISSOULA – Demolition is underway at Willard Alternative High School, which was built in 1922 as an elementary school in Missoula.

The work comes after years of planning and construction for a new building that culminated with a new school that was built on the same campus last year.

Demolition crew member Brian Jones said it will take a few weeks to complete.

“The guys are veteran crews. We’re gonna work the center, roll that in, lock up on the debris that way we can condense all our debris right in the basement that way we’re not hauling off dirt,” Jones explained. “But it’s an old school brick, and it should fall down pretty good.”

Funding for the new building came from the Smart Schools 2020 Project bonds — an $88 million elementary district bond and a $70 million high school district bond were approved by voters in 2015.

All the iron and concrete from the old Willard school will be recycled, and some of the old bricks will be re-purposed. If there are enough bricks left over, contractors will leave them for people to pick up on campus.

The old sign and original front door are being incorporated into the new school building, as well.