Water use restrictions in Stevensville remain in place after well-pump failure

Posted at 5:11 PM, Jun 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-28 19:11:17-04

STEVENSVILLE: Water use restrictions in Stevensville remain in effect due to an additional well-pump failure in the Twin Creeks Well-field. The failure occurred Friday morning.

Press release below from Stevensville Mayor Brandon Dewey:

Public Works Supervisor George Thomas reported this morning that the replacement of the pump from last week’s failure will be complete today, however the pump will not be providing water to the system until Tuesday of next week because water testing has to be completed before it can be brought on-line. When crews finish installing the replacement for last week’s well failure, they will immediately begin work on the well-pump that failed early this morning.

Today’s most recent equipment breakdown leaves the Town with just two of it’s five wells to supply water to the community. Questions have been raised surrounding the pump failure that occurred last year. To-date, that pump has not yet been replaced. Officials say though that specific well is a lower production well, and had issues before the pump failed. Engineers have been working with specialists to determine the best route in addressing the issues with that well, to prevent excessive cost and unnecessary equipment purchases. Work is already underway to analyze the entire well field, and determine the best solutions for the situation.

Today, Town officials are re-enforcing the water use restrictions that have been in place all week. Those restrictions include:

  • Suspend all lawn irrigation and recreational water use.
  • Be mindful of routine water use, especially when bathing and showering.
  • Report excessive water use to the Town of Stevensville.

Lawn care has been a concern for many residents during the restrictions. Residents can prevent their lawn from drying out by letting the grass grow a bit longer than usual.

If residents see irrigation occurring in cemetery’s and parks, those systems are not on the main water system and have a separate water source.

Water restrictions are implemented to help keep water storage full in the event of additional equipment breakdowns and fires. Updates will continue to be posted on the Town’s website and on social media.