Butte Snoflinga winter fest brings speed skater to the Mining City

Posted at 7:02 PM, Jan 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-18 17:27:18-05

Michael Schuler certainly knows how to go the distance when it comes to skating.

“I skate probably 3,000 kilometers a winter, so I’ll put almost 1,000 here this week,” said Schuler.

Schuler is a competitive speed skater from Juneau, Alaska, who has come to Butte’s Snoflinga event the past four years, and enjoys the festival dedicating to promoting winter activities.

“I mean, it’s so awesome to be out here and see all the like hundreds of kids on skates and everybody’s happy and having fun and, yeah, I think skating is just a great sport,” said Schuler.

There's a lot of winter in Butte and the event is about getting out and being active.

“Winter people have a tendency to be sedentary and stay indoors and they dread winter too because they’re inside. It’s just a matter getting outside and doing something and feeling invigorated, it makes all the difference,” said Schuler.

Snoflinga continues Saturday with event at the Original Mine Yard, including the Polar Plunge at 4 p.m.