3 siblings, also Billings nurses, battle COVID pandemic at work and home

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Posted at 11:17 AM, Dec 23, 2020

BILLINGS — Siblings Brad VonBergen, Cheri Asay and Shelly Seidel are experienced registered nurses who say they are tired.

Like everyone else, they are tired of COVID-19.

All three work at different Billings healthcare facilities and each has and does care for patients who’ve contracted the illness. Many have died.

This past summer, their interaction with COVID-19 hit even closer to home, when their 82-year-old mother Darlene, and their stepdad John, contracted the virus.

The next 105 days would take them and their five other siblings through an emotional twister, that touched down too many times.

With both parents critically ill, all eight adult children were forced to make difficult choices.

One of those choices was to tell this story, in the video below, so they could hopefully make a difference.

3 Billings nurses, also siblings, battle COVID at work and at home