Butte couple who recovered from COVID-19 still seeing after-effects

Posted at 10:56 AM, Nov 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-24 12:56:31-05

BUTTE — A couple from Butte was fortunate to recover from COVID-19 back in September but their ordeal has not ended over two months later due to after-effects known as Post Viral Syndrome.

The negative side effects could plague them for up to eight months.

“So it could be a real long time, it could go away much sooner than that. We don’t know,” said Fred Crase.

Crase said he recovered well from the virus, but his wife, Elizabeth, had a difficult illness.

“If she had gotten any worse and her oxygen had dipped any lower, it would have been a hospital situation,” said Crase.

Once both recovered, Fred started feeling bouts of chronic fatigue and high blood pressure.

Also more unexpected issues.

“I’m not a person prone to anxiety and panic, but I had a panic attack last night. It’s more and more being documented as a fairly common aftereffect,” said Crase.

His wife has been suffering from cognitive issues such as not being able to recognize printed words.

“They’re treating it like she had a concussion because it apparently has caused some swelling in her brain,” said Crase.

The couple’s doctor tells them medical professionals are learning more each day about Post Viral Syndrome as more people experience the aftereffects.

“It’s made it difficult, but we tried to go on a normally as possible and we’re optimistic the aftereffects are temporary,” said Crase.