Butte woman does not let fear from shutdown stop her from opening new bakery business

Posted at 9:10 PM, Apr 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-29 23:10:56-04

BUTTE - Mikaila Ramone was about to sign the lease on the building for her new bakery business in Butte when the stay-at-home order was issued for the coronavirus.

She went ahead and signed on anyway.

“You just got to stay positive and you got to stay hopeful that things are going to work out,” said Mikaila Ramone, owner of Mick and Goldie’s Bakery, opening soon on Park Street.

It’s been her dream to open her business for years, and she wanted to open Mick and Goldie’s Bakery in her hometown.

“I’m a Butte kid and this is where I belong, this is where I’m happy and I wouldn’t want to do this anywhere else,” said Ramone.

It’s not easy. She lost her job waiting tables after the state order partially shut down businesses. Some would say this would be a bad time to start a business, but with the support of her family, Mikaila would not let fear stop her.

“I think the regret and the wondering if you don’t go for it is worse than the fear that you have to overcome,” said Ramone.

She’s counting on a little luck too when she baked a hot cross bun on Easter Sunday.

“If you keep it in your kitchen, it will ensure that all your breads turn out perfectly and will prevent fires,” she said.

Ramone says she’s hoping her business will be a part of the revitalization of Uptown Butte.

“Everybody I’ve talked to says, you know, knows that things are going to get better, that they’re going to get back to some sort of normal and that they’re excited for that future,” said Ramone.

The bakery is expected to open in mid-May.