Missoula County COVID-19 update: Feb. 7, 2022

Missoula Health Department
Posted at 10:15 AM, Feb 07, 2022

MISSOULA — The number of active COVID-19 cases has risen from 3,464 on Friday to 3,647 in Missoula County.

Missoula City-County Health Department (MCCHD) data shows an additional 18 new cases have been reported.

However, MCCHD notes, "Auto-Case Creation at the state level experienced some issues with case transfer leading to a smaller than actual new case value for 2/7/2022."

A total of 25,965 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Missoula County including 22,119 recoveries and 199 deaths.

There are 44 COVID-19 related hospitalizations being reported — up from the 35 on Friday — including 24 county residents.

The county's COVID-19 test positivity rate remains at 29.32% while the seven-day case average per 100,000 people has risen from 219 on Friday to 224.

MCCHD previously noted that numbers above 25 are "highly concerning."

The Montana COVID-19 state tracking map shows 75,296 Missoula County residents are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 representing 65% of the eligible population.

The latest Missoula County COVID-19 vaccine information can be found online at or by calling 406-258-4636.