Montana reports 75 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, June 9

Posted at 10:00 AM, Jun 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-09 12:06:37-04

There were 75 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases reported Wednesday in Montana, and the pandemic death toll in the state reached 1,636.

The number of state residents who have been fully immunized against the virus was reported to be 405,648, or about 44% of the state population. The total number of doses administered was reported to be 831,078.

According to the Montana Response: COVID-19 website, Yellowstone County reported 12 new cases of the virus, and Cascade County reported 10. Missoula County reported 10 new cases, and Gallatin County reported 7.

The remaining new cases were reported across 17 Montana counties.

Cumulative Total, New Daily, Active Cases by County

Yellowstone County Cases

17,787 Total | 12 New | 128 Active

Cascade County Cases

9,337 Total | 10 New | 81 Active

Missoula County Cases

9,277 Total | 10 New | 56 Active

Gallatin County Cases

14,877 Total | 7 New | 32 Active

Flathead County Cases

12,277 Total | 6 New | 102 Active

Park County Cases

1,451 Total | 4 New | 15 Active

Beaverhead County Cases

916 Total | 3 New | 4 Active

Jefferson County Cases

1,106 Total | 3 New | 5 Active

Musselshell County Cases

366 Total | 3 New | 10 Active

Ravalli County Cases

3,221 Total | 3 New | 46 Active

Carbon County Cases

894 Total | 2 New | 5 Active

Hill County Cases

2,022 Total | 2 New | 18 Active

Powell County Cases

931 Total | 2 New | 2 Active

Big Horn County Cases

2,582 Total | 1 New | 3 Active

Blaine County Cases

804 Total | 1 New | 10 Active

Lake County Cases

2,124 Total | 1 New | 10 Active

Lewis and Clark County Cases

6,998 Total | 1 New | 34 Active

Liberty County Cases

119 Total | 1 New | 2 Active

Lincoln County Cases

1,631 Total | 1 New | 2 Active

Richland County Cases

1,243 Total | 1 New | 1 Active

Roosevelt County Cases

1,667 Total | 1 New | 6 Active

State health officials reported there have been 112,591 cumulative total cases in Montana. The number of recoveries was reported to be 110,325.

There were 630 active cases reported across the state. Yellowstone County reported the highest number of active cases with 128, followed by Flathead County with 102 active cases.

Active COVID-19 cases by county June 9, 2021

The total number of COVID-19 tests administered in Montana was 1,403,464, an increase of 2,994 tests during the 24-hour reporting period.

The number of people hospitalized was 60, and the total number of hospitalizations due to the virus was 5,376, according to state health officials.

Note: Since the early onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, MTN News made every effort to report local data, when available, in lieu of the statewide report furnished each day. County health departments were able to share data with the public faster than the state in certain instances. We believed that compiling this data along with that of the state was the best way to provide the most current look at the public health status in each of our communities.

With continued vaccinations and a continuing decrease in daily cases, state data has started to align more closely with local reports. Several major jurisdictions stopped providing their own updates and now funnel all of their data through the state website. Based on these factors, MTN News has decided that effective June 1, 2021, our COVID-19 reports will now rely on data from the Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services website.

After several weeks of monitoring, the active case rate reported by the state closely aligns with that seen by departments that still report their own numbers. We believe that this information provides an accurate snapshot in each part of Montana. We'll continue to monitor data and if there is a need to add local information back into our reporting we will do so.