Montana woman connects truckers to restaurants

Posted at 4:22 PM, Mar 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 11:07:16-04

MISSOULA — Truck drivers across the state have difficulty finding a meal as restaurants close dining rooms and shorten hours in Montana -- but one woman is using social media to bridge the gap.

“I have wonderful memories traveling across our state, my whole life really," said Angela Berger who grew up on the road.

Her dad was a truck driver, her husband has a CDL. Recently her husband made a delivery from Lewistown to Billings.

“I really did not want him to go. We have a young family with young kids and just the risk, I didn’t want him to go," Berger said. "My attitude was okay, if the company says to do it we better do it, but don’t get out of your truck. Go to the places you need to go, but don’t get out of your truck.”

She wished there was a way to know which restaurants were still open, and who could deliver food to the truck with minimal contact.

That’s why she started the Facebook page"Keep 'Em Rollin: Food Delivered to your truck." Restaurants leave a post or comment if they are willing to deliver food to trucks.

“Some of these places that are coming up posting, it’s been kind of fun because I’ve been there or my dad says oh I’ve been there too. It’s really been fun to reconnect and see some of those businesses.”

Restaurants from Libby to South Dakota have posted on the Facebook page, which can be found here.