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Violent depictions from defendant’s cell admitted as evidence in trial for Frenchtown murders

Posted at 5:48 PM, May 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-14 19:48:05-04

MISSOULA – The Caressa Hardy trial continued Tuesday as the defendant faces two felony counts of homicide and two felony counts to solicit homicide.

Day 7 of the trial saw lead detective Jared Cochran take the stand to answer questions about evidence taken from Hardy’s cell.

One piece was a bible that featured some violent notations against the only witness to the alleged murder, the mother of his three children, Karen.

“Of most note is the words ‘death equals freedom’ and then ‘death to Karen,'” said Jared Cochran, lead detective on the case. “Then, of course, there is an arrow in between ‘death equals freedom’ and ‘death to Karen.'”

Investigators found more evidence from Hardy’s cell including pictures Hardy drew that depict violent acts against people opposing his case.

“Jail detention personnel provided me with these photos that were observed an obtained from the defendant’s cell. Most of these pictures are either investigators, prosecutors or witnesses in the case,” Cochran added.  “They are all exed out in red and the words ‘doomed’ are written on them.”

Hardy’s defense argues that prosecutors still have no evidence of Hardy actually saying “I killed them” or asking someone to kill Karen Hardy.

“Is the defendant on any recording admitting these offenses that has been admitted into evidence for counts three and four?” defense attorney Britt Cotter asked.

“If you’re asking whether the defendant specifically said “I killed them” I do not have a recording of the defense saying that,” Cochran responded.

“As far as asking someone else to cause harm to Karen or to kill Karen are there any recordings that have been admitted to evidence?” Cotter asked again.

“I do not have a recording in which the defendant specifically asks someone to kill Karen,” Cochran said.

Prosecutors also presented evidence that blood of one of the victims, Thomas Korjack, was on a TV in the basement of the home.

Detectives were able to learn of the TV off of a tip from someone inside the Missoula County Detention facility with Hardy.

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