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Capt. Odlin retiring from Missoula PD after 30 years on the force

Posted at 7:40 PM, Nov 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-16 12:54:20-05

MISSOULA — Captain Chris Odlin is retiring after spending 30 years with the Missoula Police Department.

Odlin says it's been an honor to work for MPD for three decades and is proud of the family tradition that him he along with his father and brother created.

All three worked for local law enforcement.

The department has changed some over that period of time but Odlin says the feel of the department has stayed the same and he would put MPD up against any department in the northwest.

Odlin says he’s proud of many things throughout his career but one thing that stood out to him was his efforts to over 60,000 pieces of evidence to MPD's new Catalin Street station.

"It didn’t really maybe seem like it was a huge deal, but I really took it as a really big mission to me as moving 65,000 pieces of evidence that each one could mean the difference between someone being held accountable for their crimes or not," Odlin said.

Odlin told MTN News that he didn’t want to retire too late and wanted the opportunity to go enjoy life with his two sons and wife.