Does a new hunting season mean you should get new hunting gear?

Posted at 6:51 PM, Oct 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-17 22:45:48-04

With hunting season here, new gear is hitting the shelves at local retailers.

But is new gear always better gear?

For the answer to that question we reached out to a group of over 5,000 Montana hunters on Facebook.

For the most part, people agreed you don't need the latest gear to have the best hunt, but having the right gear is important.

Vivaca Crowser with FWP says there is one piece of equipment you should consider upgrading before you head out this season: Your communication tools.

Whether it’s a whistle or a new GPS device, having something to tell others where you are is important. Crowser says new technologies certainly do have their perks.

“You know communication is really a personal preference and comfort level. But we do have tools available to us now that are nice if it's something that feels right for you. A lot of tools that can get us help in places where we never would have had that ability. But at a very basic level make sure that you have some way to signal,” Crowser said. “Make sure someone knows where you're at so they can follow up if you don't come home at the expected time.”

For those of us that enjoy recreating in the Montana outdoors year around, Crowser says it always a good idea to wear brighter colors during hunting season whether you're hunting, fishing or just going for a hike.