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Don't fall victim to the holiday hustle: Some advice to make the holidays less stressful

Holiday Meditation
Posted at 1:41 PM, Nov 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-29 10:27:31-05

With all the travel, family and overall hustle and bustle of the holidays this time of year can be very stressful.

So finding some time for yourself is very important.

Even if that means just a few minutes finding your center.

“We spend so much time putting our energy outward," said meditation facilitator at the Lotus in Helena LuAnn Whale. "Doing errands, talking on the phone, doing chores, being at work. You know. There’s so many distractions so it moves you away from your center. So meditation and even breathing brings you back into you center.”

Meditation can be a small practice with big benefits.

Even according to the world renowned Mayo Clinic, the practice of meditation can offer many benefits, including stress reduction. A great aid to any doctor prescribed plan you may be working with.

“The practice of yoga is indicated for all kinds of things in terms of alleviating and lifting people out of depression and anxiety,” said mental health therapist and yoga instructor Heidi Opitz.

And practicing meditation doesn’t mean you have to light candles and grow a ponytail.

“Even doing dishes can be a meditative practice because meditation is just being about in the present moment,” added LuAnn.

Taking any time out of your day to put your mind at ease and focus on the moment can be meditation.

“It’s beneficial at all times for stress and anxiety and of course that kind of gets amped up for the holidays and it’s really, really good for that," continued Whale. "And it’s not that you won’t have the stress and anxiety but it will lessen it and you’ll handle it in a better way than you would have if you were not meditating.”

“Meditation is a really wonderful tool that you can tap into wherever you are," said Shannon Reed, who is a student at the Lotus. "Whether you are standing in line waiting for a checkout after you’ve made a huge grab of presents. Whether it’s dealing with family members or just work issues you can just quiet immediately go into a space of quiet and sit and just let it go. Just let it go."

So remember, when you are overwhelmed this holiday to take a moment.