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Crews quickly respond to fire near west of Helena

Wildfire reported near Birdseye Road west of Helena
Posted at 9:01 AM, Aug 31, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-31 11:01:04-04

HELENA - Fire agencies were able to quickly knock down a wildland fire located near the intersection of Birdseye Road and Echo Drive near Helena on Tuesday.

A garage was damaged by the fire but Birdseye Fire Chief Kyle Sturgill-Simon say they were able to prevent it from being destroyed in the fire. The total area burned was .76 acres.

Birdseye Fire Chief Kyle Sturgill-Simon said the fire was contained to two backyards and was quickly suppressed thanks to the efforts of multiple responding agencies including Baxendale, West Valley, East Valley, Eastgate, and DNRC and the Lewis and Clark Sheriff's Office.

Sturgill-Simon wants to remind folks to take a look at their own property to help mitigate fires.

"During the summer when we have heightened fire risk, it's a good time to look around their own properties. See if there's anything that's getting close to their decks and if they have any fire hazards that they could take care of now because we're usually busy when there's a fire going on and it's a whole lot better when we've come to a property in the rush is already been cleared," noted Sturgill-Simon.

The fire chief added that items like firewood, construction materials and anything else that could potentially burn be moved away from a structure.

"We really appreciate it when people take care of that during the heightened fire season,” said Sturgill-Simon.