Mother’s Day nurse legacy at Kalispell Regional Medical Center

Posted at 9:51 AM, May 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-10 11:51:14-04

​KALISPELL – National Nurses Week and Mother’s Day fall on the same week this year and for Kalispell Regional Medical Center that’s not where the coincidence ends.

MTN News recently met up with several mothers and daughters who work as nurses at the hospital.

Nancy Nelson has had four generations of her family all born at KRMC and are continuing that legacy at the hospital.

Nelson works as a Registered Nurse alongside her daughter Megan Stickney who is also an RN.

“I was born at the old Kalispell hospital, and then had both of our children here at this hospital, grandchildren have all been born at this hospital and there’s five of them,” Nancy said.

Megan Stickney explained how special it is getting to work with her mom every day.

“It’s been amazing, not everyone can go through their career and say I got to work with, you know, my mom or my dad,” Megan told MTN News.

KRMC Mother Daughter Nurses
MTN News recently met up with several mother and daughter nurses who work at KRMC. (photo credit: Kalispell Regional Medical Center)

Nurse Jana Pursell — who works with her daughter Melissa, who is also a nurse — says it’s a rewarding experience. She added that since they work at the same place she’s been able to watch her daughter grow.

“I started as a new grad and so did she. So, it’s been fun, fun to see her growth in her first years of nursing,” Jana said.

“We share patients sometimes. So, sometimes I’ll have a patient that after surgery has to go to the wound clinic and I tell them to expect to see my mom there, Melissa said. “And then sometimes come back to the wound clinic and they’ll tell me stories about seeing her too.”

MTN News saw seven mother-daughter pairs on Thursday and there were more working that couldn’t be at the interview.

And of course, this upcoming Mother’s Day all mothers and daughters will be spending time together and with family.