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How to keep your pets safe and calm over the July 4th holiday

Posted at 3:05 PM, Jul 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-05 14:22:59-04

WHITEFISH – A fun night of fireworks and celebration for people could be terrifying for pets.

Chase Pierce — the owner and operator of Tailwaggers in Whitefish — says it’s the loud banging noise that startles and scares animals.

“It can be a really scary time for pets in general, whether it’s a dog or a cat with the fireworks and the loud sounds. It can definitely be disturbing for animals,” explained Pierce.

He also told MTN News that this is the reason many pets go missing on July 4th.

Humane Society of Northwest Montana Director Lori Heatherington has some advice for pet owners over the long holiday weekend.

“You want to make sure your animal has identification on them because, in the event that you open a door, they take off you want to make sure you get them back. Also, you just want to keep them in an enclosed area,” Heatherington said.

Pierce says a popular item is Thunder Shirts — a compression “vest” wraps around your pet simulating a hug or a cuddle.

But, if you’re looking for an alternative remedy to the popular thunder shirt, Pierce has a unique suggestion — CBD.

“There are three ways to administer CBD products for both dogs and cats. One is a really easy to use chewable version. That can be administered before the fireworks,” Pierce said.

“The second would be a tincture, that would be done through almost like an eyedropper type of solution and the third would be a gel cap,” he added.

Pierce explained that these products have no THC, so they will not alter your pet’s brain. He says there’s no way to overdose on these products, but if you’re using them please read the instructions and administer it with care.