Former Missoula real estate agent sentenced to jail for part in U.S. Capitol Riot

Boyd Allen Camper of Missoula
Posted at 9:26 AM, Nov 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-13 11:26:47-05

HELENA — Boyd Allen Camper, formerly from the Missoula area, was sentenced to 60 days in prison for his action during the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly handed down her ruling Friday which also included Camper paying $500 in restitution and serving 60 hours of community service.

Camper signed a plea agreement in August admitting to parading, demonstrating, or picketing in Capitol buildings. The crime is a class B misdemeanor.

By entering a guilty plea for the parading/demonstrating charge, prosecutors agreed to drop the charges of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority; knowingly engaging in disorderly or disruptive conduct in restricted building or grounds; engaging in disorderly or disruptive conduct on the capitol buildings or grounds.

At the Friday sentencing, Camper told the judge his mindset and recollection of his event on Jan. 6. He said he came to Washington D.C. because he was very involved on Facebook, believed the election was fraudulent and, as a Marine Corps veteran, went to answer the call of his “commander and chief” former President Donald Trump.

The 55-year-old told the judge he got caught up in the moment but did not commit any violence and claimed to have detoured others from violence that day.

The prosecution did point out Camper was in possession of a Go-Pro with footage from that day and allegedly told the FBI in an interview he would turn it over to them if they agreed it wouldn’t be used against him.

Boyd Allen Camper

On March 17, law enforcement once again contacted Camper about the video or pictures on the Go-Pro. Camper allegedly said it was “inaccessible, buried out in the cold” and would not disclose the location. The government then formally requested he provide the data recorded on January 6, but Camper said he had previously disposed of the recordings and was not in possession of them anymore. He did eventually provide some of the footage through his counsel.

Camper was in the Capitol on Jan. 6 for around 15-30 minutes before he left. Shortly after leaving, he encountered reporters with CBS News. In the recording, Camper can be heard saying “I was on the front line.” He further stated, “We’re going to take this damn place. If you haven’t heard it’s called the insurrection act and we the people are ready.”

Since Jan. 6, Camper says he has become a pariah in Montana with friends, business associates and companies cutting ties with him. He has relocated to another state. Camper had worked as a real estate agent in the Missoula area.

In a sentencing memorandum to the court, Camper stated: “I respectfully and Sincerely regret entering the Capital and apologize for my contribution to the chaos that day. I had no intention of harm, violation to any person or property. I knew nothing of this march until the rally as mentioned by our then President. I got caught up in the synergy and moment of the crowd and made a bad decision to enter. “

Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly in her sentencing said the action of Camper that day,t and insurrection as a whole, were an “inexcusable attack on our democracy.”

Camper’s attorney asked the judge if his client could serve the 60 days in separate chunks over a number of weekends.

Kollar-Kotelly denied the request stating that Camper must serve the time concurrently. She further noted that actions have consequences.