Helena-area artists create 2021 art shows in the Myrna Loy

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Posted at 10:37 AM, Jun 12, 2021

HELENA — Every year, the Myrna Loy in Helena hosts artwork from local artists in its Jailhouse Gallery. However in 2021, the Myrna Loy decided to change things up and give that responsibility to a group of artists.

“During COVID, as many people, we had a break, and in that, we needed to kind of revive the Jailhouse Gallery again so myself and four other women said ‘Yeah, let's do that together and out of that, you'll see these four shows," says Janelle DeBray, volunteer artist.

Four different art shows for the entire year, each with a different theme. Four local artists wanted to deliver the message of “lifting off from the pandemic” so the Myrna Loy partnered with them to allow these women to create their own art gallery.

The Myrna Loy finished one watercolor art show and their second one is set to open June 15th, 2021, with a theme celebrating Pride. Each show represents many different local artists. The Pride show will have over a dozen local artists represented.

One member of the group thanked the Myrna Loy for giving artists an outlet.

"I'm completely honored to be a part of this group of women that are putting these shows together," says DeBray, coordinator of the Pride art show. "As artists, we all come together and sometimes we just say how can we plug in, how can we show our art, how can we show the world what the artist is feeling and to be a part of that vessel to make that happen is very exciting for me."