Sweetheart Passion Plunge raises $35K for Special Olympics Montana

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Posted at 2:49 PM, Feb 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-12 16:53:07-05

HELENA — The 22nd annual Sweetheart Passion Plunge took over Spring Meadow Lake on Saturday in Helena, all to raise money for the Special Olympics Montana torch run.

“Awesome athletes and some other officers in public are going to jump in the water, raise some money. We're pretty close. The goal is $38,000,” said Jessica Cornell, an officer with Helena Police Department.

Law enforcement officials across Helena and Lewis and Clark County teamed up with Special Olympic athletes to bring the community event together.

And Special Olympics brings together those with disabilities to create fun and competitive events.

“Well, Special Olympics means to me is celebrating with my friends and law enforcement and having a good time, jump in with all the people with disability problems,” said Jon Hargett.

Over 100 jumpers took on the challenge and splashed into the cold water. A few thought it was a refreshing dip.

“It was so nice. I have actually done a polar plunge with my family once and I love cold water so I thought it was fun,” said Jaydyn Ashton.

Other jumpers thought it was a shock well worth it.

“It was quite the experience actually. It was. It was pretty shocking when you hit the cold, cold water. But it was all for a good cause and it was well worth it,” said Jesse Calder.

But for the Montana Law Enforcement Academy recruits, it was a pleasant day at the beach compared to taser training.

“We had actually just gone through our rotation week and so we were pepper-sprayed. You know even to the range, rolled around with each other doing defensive tactics, this was nothing,” said Matt Fisher.

The Helena and surrounding areas showed out, raising $35,000 for the cause.