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Butte's Treat Street Halloween event to return this year with changes for safety

Posted at 10:21 AM, Oct 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-17 12:21:21-04

Butte’s annual Treat Street event, which attracts thousands of candy-collecting kids on Halloween, will continue this year in a different location and with many precautions.

“It’s going to be safe, it couldn’t get any safer, it’s outside, the candies bagged a week in advance, following great steps and protocol,” said event organizer Ron Davis.


The event will take place old Safeway Warehouse of Wynne Avenue. Parents will drive through in the cars and kids will be given one large bag of candy.

“We have to put together 600,000 pieces of candy, bagged in bags of 15 apiece, stored in tubs for a week and handed out and all this done with people in masks and rubber gloves,” said Davis.

And while it’s unfortunate the event can’t be held in its traditional location – a ghost town – organizers say it’s important for the kids this tradition continues this year.

“We’ve lost too many things, from the Folk Festival to An Ri Ra, the fun things of Butte that we look forward to every year, and we just said, ‘you know, this one we can control, we can put a lot of extra work into it, but we can make it happen and we’ll have a win for the kids of southwestern Montana,’” said Davis.

The event will be on Halloween day from noon and 4 p.m.