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CLDI Toy Drive helps families in Billings

Posted at 6:30 PM, Nov 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-15 20:30:30-05

Two groups came together to help families at Christmas during COVID-19 limitations.

Community Leadership and Development, Inc. (CLDI) and GoUnite combined for a "Toy Drive Through" at Rail Line Coffee Saturday afternoon.

Rail Line 2.jpg

Rail Line is part of CLDI and opened three months ago right across the street.

Rail Line 3.jpg

CLDI's mission is to promote both southside business and its citizens.

The toys collected will go into the CLDI's southside Christmas store.

Rail Line 1.jpg

The toy drive and store will help families with students at Orchard Elementary School and Riverside Middle School.

Kristen Hoyer.jpg
Kristen Hoyer

"Parents go and they take the money that they have and they're able to purchase these toys at ridiculously discounted prices," said Kristen Hoyer, GoUnite marketing coordinator. "And what that does is it just really empowers them."

Kaylee Thompson.jpg
Kaylee Thompson

"It's really exciting getting to see our families and students just have ownership over the process," said Kaylee Thompson, CLDI youth works director. "They're the ones picking out the gifts. They're the ones spending their money which is just really exciting to see them get to do those things and just see their dollar go further."

You can still drop off toys at Rail Line Coffee, at 1st Avenue South and South 29th Street, until Dec. 9.