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Community responds to deaths of 3 Billings West High students

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Posted at 6:36 PM, Feb 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-22 20:36:01-05

Two days after the fatal crash that took the lives of three Billings West High School students, people in the community are paying their respects and mourning the loss of their lost friends and family members.

Olive Grimm, a former West High student and friend of crash victim Kylie Larsen, said Monday afternoon that Kylie was a unique soul that you don’t meet often.

“She was always super sweet and kind and never said anything harsh to somebody,” said Grimm.

Olive Grimm, former friend of Kylie Larsen

Grimm said she first met Kylie through church. She said a lot of the time she didn’t have anyone to sit with, but Kylie would sit with her.

“Freshman year, we started talking and we ended up having a class together. I ended up losing my brother, and it was the only class I looked forward to,” said Grimm.

Greg Upham, superintendent for Billings Schools, said that a highly trained crisis response team and newly hired substitute teachers have been brought in to ensure that students and staff have the social and emotional support they need during this difficult time.

“I was at both schools this morning and the crisis response team and our administrators were working with our students and just doing the best. I though that everyone was doing as well as they could. This is a horrible tragedy and pour hearts go out to the families and the friends of this,” said Upham.

Upham said that he wants to thank the community for the support they have shown towards the family and friends mourning the loss of the three Billings teens.

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