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A unique opportunity arose for kids at a Kalispell elementary school to view a monster truck up close

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Posted at 1:25 PM, Oct 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-15 21:05:08-04

KALISPELL — The kids at Edgerton Elementary School in Kalispell had a unique opportunity to see a monster truck up close and ask the driver all their burning questions.

The truck was at the school as a precursor to Saturday’s monster truck show. But as the student’s pointed out, it’s unusual to have a monster truck at a school.

“I don't really think it's popular for a monster truck to go to a school. That just sounds weird,” said Dean, a student at Edgerton Elementary.

It’s a fun way to show kids the truck, get them excited about the show and possibly get them to beg their parents to take them to see the trucks in action. The driver enjoys these events as much as the kids.

“When the little kids are smiling, you're having a good time, they're having a good time, that's all that matters,” said Caden Dawson, a monster truck driver.

Although many interesting questions were asked, a big part of the event was just seeing the truck so close.

“My favorite part was probably seeing an engine of a monster truck,” said Dean.

This monster truck team from Utah visits about one school a month, making this a very unique opportunity. Driving the trucks is part of the fun and a real thrill for the drivers but the kids are what inspire these drivers to do what they do.

“In their eyes, you know, you're a superstar but when you look at yourself in the mirror, you’re like, I'm just a monster truck driver," said Dawson.