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Adaptive Sports spreads a little love through gift event

Posted at 4:32 PM, Nov 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-16 12:15:52-05

KALISPELL — With the holiday season right around the corner, Moving Forward Adaptive Sports is trying to make the holidays special for people with disabilities, veterans and others in hospitals.

“We didn’t have much for my wife’s kids at the time, and it really helped a lot My wife's kids at the time, so it really did impact a lot because they got like video games and stuff like that and even got her something elevate is happy that the kids got gifts," said Charlie "Kale" Brown, who was a previous recipient of Gifts Of Love, an event Moving Forward conducts for people who are struggling during the winter months.

“I would say don’t hesitate, don’t let pride come before you and your family and your children. because it is a service," said Brown.

People can also volunteer, and assistant director David Singleton says that it is a great way to give Christmas cheer.

“I've been in the hospital before during the holidays and have people not visit me and stuff so it's very nice to see people happy that people are coming to visit them, and it makes their day and it's everybody should have a little bit of that Christmas cheer," said Singleton.

Last year the event helped 537 individuals and families. “People can get involved on either side donating or getting donations, to keep it going because it really did help our family and I'm sure it helped a lot of other families as well," said Brown.

Gifts Of Love was created seven years ago; Starla Barnes and her husband Shannon began the event because they knew what it was like to be in the hospital all alone during the holidays. Over the last several years the event expanded to the differently-abled, veterans, and those going through a tragic event or financial need.

Families can apply at Moving Forward Adaptive Sports on Facebook or email them at