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Big crowd turns out for Kalispell job fair

NW MT Job Fair
Posted at 4:47 PM, Apr 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-14 19:04:55-04

KALISPELL - More than 110 employers were looking for future employees at the Northwest Montana Job and Opportunity Fair Thursday in Kalispell.

“I think I’m employable and I’ll take a job that a lot of younger people won’t want to,” said 67-year-old Tom Pollen.

Pollen is a retired schoolteacher and current bus driver who is looking for a change — and is not afraid to take on a challenge.

“I’m one of the hands-on active people that wants to keep busy because I figure that if you don’t keep busy you might as well start digging a hole, okay I have too much energy to just sit around,” added Pollen.

Financially, Pollen said he doesn’t need a job, but he knows businesses are hurting for employees and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.

“I mainly came to keep busy and see what’s here available in the valley, I know there's plenty for an older person such as myself,” added Pollen.

Super 1 Foods have four store locations in Flathead County totaling more than 300 employees.

“Anything we can do to try, and recruit is beneficial, especially in this job market," said Super 1 Foods Meat Supervisor Pete Pourroy.

Pourroy said Super 1 Foods are looking to hire and willing to train workers of all ages and skill level.

“It’s been really a challenge to keep people, you know going through COVID and what-not it was really a challenge to keep people motivated and wanting to come into the store and work, this started 10 years ago, and it’s just gotten progressively worse,” added Pourroy.

Pourroy said Super 1 Foods have increased wages and benefits to try and attract workers.

“Increased our wages considerably, you know a lot of our incentive if you come in and you get a full-time position or department head position, our full-time medical, dental, vision is outstanding, 401-K plan after a year, we offer up to 5% that we will match, it’s a great program,” said Pourroy.

22-year-old Kila resident Tyler Seyfert has a full-time job working 40 hours a week.

“Just looking for what’s out there, you know I was just looking for different opportunities, it’s always good to look outward,” said Seyfert.

With the demand for workers, Seyfert feels like he’s in a position of power, able to carefully decide his next move.

“There’s a lot of opportunities and it’s up to interpretation what you’re into and what you’re not into, couple of things have jumped out at me but you know, still looking," said Seyfert.