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Conrad Mansion to pave original carriage path as part of a fundraiser

Conrad Mansion
Conrad Mansion Inside
Conrad Mansion
Conrad Mansion Restoration
Posted at 2:01 PM, Feb 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-24 17:20:05-05

KALISPELL — The Conrad Mansion has been a pillar in the Kalispell community since 1895, and now, there's an opportunity for everyone to become a part of the historic home.

The Conrad Carriage Path Brick fundraiser is going to pave the original Conrad carriage path with engraved bricks purchased by members of the community.

Conrad Mansion

“It's just a great way for the community to help support the historic Conrad Mansion while also honoring the people in their lives that matter to them,” said Conrad Mansion Museum Director Brit Clark.

The Conrad Mansion has been in the valley for over 125 years and was originally home to Charles Conrad, the founder of Kalispell.

Charles's daughter, Alicia, lived in the house her entire life. Alicia never threw anything away, so about 90% of the artifacts displayed in the mansion belonged to the Conrad family.

Conrad Mansion Inside
The Conrad Mansion was originally home to Charles Conrad, the founder of Kalispell.

“Every time I walk in, I get such a wonderful sense of peace. I feel, you know, the history of the valley,” said Clark

The funds from the carriage path fundraiser will go towards mansion facilities, such as a restroom on site. You can purchase the bricks at

“So something really special we have noticed about the Conrad carriage path is that a lot of generational locals, so people whose family had been here since the town settlement, have stories about the Conrads. The Conrad's kind of creep into so many aspects of Kalispel life." - Conrad Mansion Museum Director Brit Clark

The inaugural phase of the commemorative bricks is limited to 200 bricks and about 25% of those are already sold.

The hope is for this project to continue for years, allowing families to honor their loved ones and reconnect with the history of the Conrads.

“I think that's something really special. I think the spirit of the Conrad family still exists today. And that's what people get a sense of when they walk around the mansion,” Clark concluded.