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Dog training classes provide unique learning space, help with socialization

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Posted at 3:08 PM, Nov 13, 2022

KALISPELL - Training your dog is vital for your relationship with your pet.

But what are the benefits of attending a class rather than just training your dog at home?

“So the classes helped provide different distractions, and they help with socializing. So a lot of times if we just work on our behaviors at home, and then go somewhere else that dogs like, Oh, I forgot what sit means now that there's other things present. Dogs don't generalize well, so, we have to do the training in lots of different environments to help them be successful,” said Terric Canines Dog Training owner and trainer Tiffany Kae Mason.

During a training session with Terric Canines Dog Training, owners learn tools to help their dog succeed and how to use positive reinforcement rather than harsh discipline.

And of course, there’s puppy play time to help socialize the dogs.

“The interaction with all the other dogs — she absolutely loves it — and then afterward, just seeing how much she's improved over several sessions,” said Pete Pourroy who took part in a class.

Although people can train their dogs at home, training with a certified educated trainer could provide extra skills to allow you and your dog to do more together.

“Training is really important for our dogs just so that they can be part of our lives. An untrained dog, a lot of times, will miss out on lots of opportunities,” said Mason.

The classes are about training the owner just as much as the dog.

Some of the students have sought this help for the safety of their animals and the community around them.

“I want her to be as successful in life as possible and I'm not capable of fulfilling those needs without help,” said Pourroy.

People who are considering attending a dog training class should be sure to do their research because it is not required for trainers to be certified.