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Flathead Co. Sheriff's Office seeking help in solving 2003 cold case

Marion Cold Case
Marion Cold Case Skull
Posted at 7:36 AM, Aug 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-27 15:17:28-04

KALISPELL — You could help the Flathead County Sheriff's Office solve a cold case mystery that's 17 years old.

Back in 2003, law enforcement found male human skeletal remains near Marion.

Chuck Curry, who was the Flathead County undersheriff at the time, said the amount of bones found at the scene would lead to an identification of the John Doe.

However, it's been 17 years and still, no identification is confirmed.

Flathead County Sheriff Brian Heino says a gun and backpack were found nearby.

Spending years in the department Heino says, this case was always discussed.

He says, what makes this case so interesting is the department has lots of information available like DNA, they just haven't found the right match yet.

"A lot of people in their investigation -- or their time at the Sheriff's Office -- always kinda wanted to see closure as well," Sheriff Heino told MTN News.

"So, people have worked on it throughout the years," he continued. "They've picked up different information and facts about it and it's never really been closed. It's always been waiting for more information."

Sheriff Heino says his office is asking for anyone with information from around that area during the late 1990s to 2003 should contact the Sheriff's Office.

He added that another way people can help is by submitting DNA so law enforcement can compare John Doe's DNA -- hopefully finding a match.