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Flathead gyms expecting huge bump in memberships during the New Year

Posted at 4:41 PM, Dec 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-30 21:05:46-05

KALISPELL — Multiple gyms in the Flathead Valley are expecting to see a drastic increase in gym membership due to people's New Year's resolutions.

According to the executive director of The Summit, Brad Roy, their facility usually sees its membership increase by the hundreds.

"We have about 400 new memberships,” he said. “Sometimes we see even more than that. I think facilities all around the country see this big influx at this time of the year.”

However, The Summit personal trainer Trina Starker says immediately after the turn of the new year, the number of people showing up starts to dwindle.

"People come in and they're very, very motivated. Almost too motivated in some cases because they come in and they hit the gym so hard that they start to dislike it, maybe they overdo, maybe they get too sore," explained Starker.

Both Starker and Roy say when people make New Year's resolutions to "get in better shape" they should think of it holistically. For example, do you want to get in better shape to be more active with your family? Do you want to get in better shape to be able to do more activities with friends?

Starker says that getting fit is the second most popular resolution right behind straightening out finances.

Fuel Fitness Kalispell general manager Matt Hurley said that his gym sees an increase during the New Years, due to colder weather.

"People who sign up for the facility that may not use it all the times of the year. But because we get trapped inside, we noticed a steep increase in usage. Probably a hundred to 200 people a day use the facility," said Hurley. "Plus the new membership sign ups on top of that."

Similar to The Summit, Hurley says that Fuel Fitness Kalispell sees a decrease in gym goers during the first few months of the new year.

"A huge part of it is people, they kinda lose motivation because they may not be getting the results they want to see," said Hurley.

He added that the best way to prevent yourself from falling off the gym bandwagon is to stay consistent with your workouts.