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Flathead veterinarian warns against giving dogs rawhide bones as gifts

Rawhide Bone Warning
Posted at 10:18 AM, Dec 11, 2019

KALISPELL — Veterinarians are cautioning that one of the most popular gifts people give their dogs may not be as safe as you expect.

Dr. Jevon Clark with the Animal Clinic of Kalispell says rawhide bones are very popular and while dogs go crazy for the treats, they are not the safest option.

“Often times dogs are able to get those things all soft and gross and gushy and swallow great big chunks of them which can pass through their esophagus into their stomach, but then they can’t get out of their stomach,” Dr. Clark explained.

“And so, they can either get intestinal blockage in their small intestine. Or, they actually just stay in the stomach and we have to go in and get those things out,” he added.

Dr. Clark suggests owners get their dogs nylon or rubber chew toys, noting that they are harder to break into smaller bits and therefore are less likely to get lodged in a dog’s stomach.