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Glacier International Airport takes extra precautions during Coronavirus

Posted at 5:03 PM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 19:51:22-04

Travel is at an all time low at Glacier Park International Airport as coronavirus continues to spread.

The airport looks a little different now and airport director Rob Ratkowski told MTN that travel numbers are close to zero.

All employees who can work remote are now home and concessions are closed.

Ratkowski says starting Friday, the National Guard will screen passengers arriving in Kalispell.

The screening is voluntary and involves a temperature check and a few questions, like people's travel history.

If anything of concern arises, the passengers are provided a health official's contact information.

But Ratkowski assures anyone traveling through Glacier Park International Airport that the check in process and TSA screenings remain the same.

He explained to MTN that the airport is working with a skeleton crew

"Our maintenance crew, our custodial crews are still going through the building and working," said Ratkowski. "Our fire crew is still on because we still have airplanes operating. And so, our airport staff is still largely here at work. The people that can work remotely are. Finance, HR, things like that. And our concessionaires and airlines have done actually quite a lot of lay offs.

Ratkowski told MTN that cleaning crews are using powerful disinfectant aggressively and multiple times a day.

He explained the disinfectant is different chemically and has less contact time with touchable surfaces - killing germs quicker.