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Heavy snow piles up in West Glacier

Posted at 9:28 PM, Jan 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-08 16:15:37-05

WEST GLACIER — The West Glacier received 18" of snow in just 24 hours earlier this week, causing headaches for local residents.

Retirees Nancy Mackin and her husband Larry bought their house in West Glacier 1986.

Nancy says big snow storms are a regular occurrence each winter.

The Mackin’s own two snow blowers so they can quickly clear driveways and walkways before the next storm comes.

“If it’s a day where it’s just a couple inches we may let it go and the next day will catch it up, but we have to stay on top of it,” said Nancy, who added that heavy snow often causes power outages.

More than 300 people in West Glacier area were affected by outages Tuesday with power being fully restored within four hours.

“They do the best they can and I wished them safety while I called, because it’s dangerous up here in the middle of the night,” said Mackin.

Flathead Electric Co-op spokeswoman Wendy Ostrom-Price says heavy snow builds up on power lines causing them to snap. She added that West Glacier sees the highest amount of outages this time of year.

“We have more outages in the West Glacier area then anywhere else in our service area generally speaking, yet those people are not the ones who complain, they are prepared, they are hardy and they just appreciate when our crews get there,”said Ostrom-Price.

With West Glacier mainly being a seasonal place of residence, The Mackin’s and neighbors who live year-round consider themselves a tight knit group.

More snow is expected to fall throughout the week in West Glacier.