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Kalispell PD looking to implement city-wide camera service

Posted at 2:54 PM, Feb 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-20 16:26:26-05

KALISPELL — The Kalispell Police Department is asking people to register their security cameras to help with police response time and accuracy.

Kalispell Police Chief Doug Overman told MTN News that within the next few months homeowners and businesses will have the chance to register their security cameras with the police department.

By registering with your name, address and phone number,he says he hopes to create a camera grid around Kalispell. Doing this this will drastically help officers when responding or doing a follow up to a crime.

But Overman wants to stress, the only people who have access to the information are police officers - and they have no remote control over your camera.

“It would allow us to maybe go to an area where a crime occurred," said Overman "And say, oh yeah, Joe's got a camera. He lives at this intersection. Let’s call up Joe and say 'hey Joe can you take a look and see if your camera happened to cover this incident and show evidence of what happened'?”

Overman says that the Great Falls Police Department already has success piloting a program similar to this. He hopes to have registrations for residents up within the next few months.