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Kalispell's Parkline Trail opening, here's how to properly use the pedestrian crossing lights

Parkline Traffic Lights
Posted at 3:19 PM, Jul 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-21 13:05:05-04

KALISPELL - The Kalispell Parkline Linear Park and Trail is officially opening Thursday.

Although the pedestrian crossing signals have been up and operational since May, the crossings could be getting busier with the official opening of the trail.

Citizens have been utilizing the new crosswalks and crossing signals and find that they have been helpful in getting across some of the busier roads in town.

“We enjoy riding down here we enjoy that it feels safer now with the crossing lights and the cars know that we are there," said Jude Nelson who uses the Parkline Trail.

It is easier for pedestrians to cross the street at the intersection of Meridian Road as well as U.S. Highway 93 downtown, but there is still some confusion for drivers due to the different indicator lights on the beacons.

The beacon will remain dark until it is activated by a pedestrian. Once activated, the beacon will flash yellow, which indicates drivers to slow down. The light will then change to a solid yellow indicating that drivers should prepare to stop.

When the light changes to solid red, a walk signal is lit for pedestrians, and vehicles must remain stopped. The light will then have two flashing red lights, this means that motorists may proceed through the crossing once the pedestrians have safely cleared the crosswalk.

With the trail being fully open and functional, users are excited about the future of the pathway and what it may bring to the community.

“Oh I think it’s wonderful, with the trees, we believe once the trees develop it’s going to be nice and shady. I think it’s fantastic what they’ve invested in this,” said trail user Clint Nelson.

Below is a short video that demonstrates how to properly use the Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons.

Tutorial: How to use the Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons in Kalispell