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Musician from Olney and his band will play at Under the Big Sky

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Posted at 1:23 PM, May 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-05 18:45:13-04

OLNEY - Tim Helnore of Olney, and his band Helnore Highwater have secured a spot at this year’s Under the Big Sky Music Festival.

“I really love the outdoors and I love being out here but music has been kind of calling for me all the while,” said Tim Helnore.

Tim was inspired to start playing the guitar after hearing Johhny Cash at the age of six. At thirteen, Tim and his parents moved to Montana where he really began his music career.

“I think that's my favorite part is just kind of the connection you make with people through music,” said Helnore.

When Tim was just 20 years old, he released his first full album of all original songs, and now at 23, he will be playing at Under the Big Sky with Helnore Highwater.

Under the Big Sky Music Festival will be back in Whitefish for its third year, last year there were over 20,000 fans in attendance.

“It felt like kind of shooting for the stars and reaching them, you know,” said Helnore.

The best and worst part, for Tim, about playing Under the Big Sky is the crowd.

There is a certain fear that comes with playing in front of a big crowd, but he wants to share his music with as many people as possible.

Tim is hoping to reach his fans the way other musicians have reached him.

“It just feels good to be able to supply entertainment and maybe inspire or you know, get people through a good day, get people through a bad day. But that's kind of what I think country music is about, you know, real-life stuff,” said Helnore.

As a Montanan, Tim has both friends and strangers congratulating him on his accomplishments.

“I've got a lot of wonderful people rooting for me around here, which is just a great feeling,” said Helnore.

Tim plans to use the momentum from this opportunity to continue to advance his career and try and get into the festival circuit but Tim is happy to play wherever he can.

“So that's the plan. Just keep with it. Keep pushing. I feel like I've been very lucky to have good success so far. And I just want to keep going,” said Helnore.

The Under the Big Sky Festival will take place from July 15 until July 17 at Big Mountain Ranch in Whitefish. Click here for additional information.

You can learn more about Tim Helnore and his band Helnore Highwater here.